The Internet vs. The Web

Most people use the terms “The Internet” and “The Web” interchangeably, although in reality they are two¬†separate, but related, things.

The Internet is everything. It’s the massive network of wires, and connections sending data around the planet at light speed. And it’s exactly what you are thinking of right now! Yup, you got it.

The Web (or WWW) is a SUBSET of The Internet.

  • Basically, it’s the pages we see in a browser.
  • It uses the HTTP protocol (just look at the start of any URL).
  • It display Web pages (written with HTML/CSS/JS).
What is not the WWW? Well, the WWW is not the data we transmit via FTP, torrents, or email. All of that data is part of the Internet, but because it’s not being rendered through a browser it’s not the WWW.
If this is confusing, then just go old school and call it all “cyberspace”! I’m sure that term will come back… just as soon as hipsters start using Windows ironically.



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