How to Hire a Developer: 7 Things A Developer Wants to Know

I'm looking for a developer

Clearly there is a high demand for developers these days. If you’ve been pitching developers, with little luck, it may help to know what a developer wants to know.

What the Developer Wants to Know

  1. How many people are on your team? Are you a small team, or a large team?
  2. What problem are you solving? Many great developers are interested in solving real-world problems, or at least REAL problems.
  3. What is your proposed solution to that problem? What have you tried? What’s working? What’s your hypothesis?
  4. Have you validated your MVP? Watch this video on MVP if you’re not familiar with what an MVP is.
  5. Do you have domain expertise? For example, if you’re making an iPhone app for doctors, it really helps if you have experience working in healthcare or a hospital.
  6. Are you funded? Where’s the money coming from? Is this an equity gig?
  7. What are you offering in terms of compensation? Will I be working for free?

With all that said. Keep it relatively short! And don’t be discouraged if you can’t promise all of these details. Be upfront, clear and professional and that will demonstrate just how capable you are.

The Perfect Developer Pitch

Now that you know what developers are asking for, read The Perfect Developer Pitch by Tom Hessert. See how he uses these 7 answers in his pitch.