Let’s Do Simple Stuff to Make Our Websites Faster

“On average, 80% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end” – Steve Souders 

4 Things You Can Do Right Now: 

    1. Turn on HTTP Compression – Is your content gzipped? It should be. Find out here: gzipWTF.com
    2. Cache Stuff – Server & client. Here’s a plug-in that makes it super easy for WordPress: W3 Total Cache
    3. Losslessly optimize images! – I use Codekit.
    4. Combine CSS and JS! – HTML can only make 2 requests at a time (from one URL/domain that is). Therefore if you have 10 JS files on one page, you’re slowing down your site. Include them all together in one file to make less requests. Using a CDN also helps.

A more in depth reading:


Watch Chris Coyier’s Video “Let’s Do Simple Stuff to Make Our Websites Faster”:

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