How to Use Dropbox as a Web Server

Use Dropbox as a Server

The quickest and cheapest way to host HTML/CSS/JavaScript files on the Web is to use Dropbox.

Here’s an example of something I’m hosting on Dropbox

Here’s how you can host files on Dropbox:

  1. Get a Dropbox Account.
  2. Put your working HTML files in your Dropbox shared folder.
  3. Right click on the file you want to make public. Navigate to “Dropbox -> Copy Public Link”. Now the public link is in your operating system’s clipboard (aka. you can “paste” the link).

Note: You cannot link to an entire folder/directory (eg. you can only a .html or .zip file).  Also, this won’t work for hosting backend languages like PHP, Ruby or databases like MySQL.

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  1. You should also note that your dropbox account can’t serve more than 4 files simultaneously. So if your site ever got a lot of hits at the same time, it would go down instantly.

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