How to get started with HostGator is a hosting service. They’ll help you get your website live on the Web. Here’s how to sign up and get started:

** Note: I set up a code for my class to use: “pfnp2ga902” =  This will give you 1 month of free Hostgator hosting **

1. Go to the website. Click “View WebHosting Plans” and choose the Baby Plan. I’d recommend Monthly. Click “Order Now”


DONT HAVE A DOMAIN? If you don’t have a domain you can enter a new domain on the left and purchase it. Then continue.

HAVE A DOMAIN? If you already own a domain type it in on the right, and continue.

Want HostGator for 1 month free? –  Enter in code “pfnp2ga902” at the bottom for a discount. If you choose the Baby Monthly plan it should go down to only $0.01. Note that after 1 month it will renew for full price of about $8/month. So if you don’t want to keep this after the class then please just cancel it within a month.

OR, Want HostGator for 25% off the lifetime of your account? (this is a better deal for the longterm) – Enter in code “pfnp2ga915”


3. Fill in all your data on the next page. Notice the discount. Click Create Account.

4. You should receive a welcome email. Save this it’s important!

5. Try to login to your “Control Panel”. Works? Good!

6. If there are problems please contact Hostgator. Some of you may need to call to followup with verification. Please do this before class if possible.

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