How to Choose Web Hosting

Choosing a Web Host can feel overwhelming. The following is a list of resources I can vouch for. This is based on my own personal experience with clients, working at design agencies, and feedback from trusted friends.

Shared Hosting (Beginners and all-purpose)

Pros: Shared hosting is relatively cheap, and easy to get set up. To be honest, this solution is probably the best for most Web Sites.

Cons: Will you get a massive load of traffic? Think or a large social network site. If so, shared hosting may not be enough power for you after you scale. Long story short.. you are sharing the same server with other people. If you’re making a Web App where you expect millions of unique hits… you might want to try dedicated or cloud based hosting.

  • BlueHost – $3.49/month shared hosting [1st CHOICE]
  • HostGator – $7.99/month shared hosting (use coupon code onemonthhtml and your first month is free)

VPS and Dedicated Hosting (Small Business)

A more robust option for your small business.

  • Rackspace – It’s expensive. But think of it as the Rolls Royce of hosting. $100-$400 a month. [1st CHOICE]
  • MediaTemple – $50+/month

Cloud Based Hosting (Advanced)

Are you using Ruby on Rails? Use Heroku.

  • Heroku – Resizable capacity in the cloud. Best used with Ruby. [1st CHOICE]
  • Amazon EC2 –  This is a wonderful options for sites that have the potential to scale quickly. The down side is that setup and maintenance are much more intense than the shared hosting plans.


  • NameCheap – Cheap and reliable. I use NameCheap for most my new domains.
  • GoDaddy – Buy domains. That’s what you do here. (I wouldn’t recommend their hosting.)
  • Domainr – Great tool for brainstorming possible domain names
  • – For for country code TLDs such as .cc, .it, .es



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