How to Pitch Your Startup to A Developer

I recently saw Tom Hessert of Derby Jackpot write the perfect pitch to a developer. In the letter. He really hit many of the main points of validation: team, funding, MVP, and compensation. Here it is.. The Perfect Developer Pitch Chris (aka. The Developer), I’m working with a team of two to build an online horse racing […]

How to Hire a Developer: 7 Things A Developer Wants to Know

Clearly there is a high demand for developers these days. If you’ve been pitching developers, with little luck, it may help to know what a developer wants to know. What the Developer Wants to Know How many people are on your team? Are you a small team, or a large team? What problem are you solving? Many […]

Let’s Do Simple Stuff to Make Our Websites Faster

“On average, 80% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end” – Steve Souders  4 Things You Can Do Right Now:  Turn on HTTP Compression – Is your content gzipped? It should be. Find out here: Cache Stuff – Server & client. Here’s a plug-in that makes it super easy for WordPress: W3 Total […]

How To Download and Install Sublime Text

If you’re going to code (HTML, CSS, PHP, or any language) you’re going to need a text editor. I’d recommend Sublime Text. It’s free, AND it’s the best. Here’s a super quick video on how to download and install Sublime. Note: Sublime is free, but until you purchase it you will get a pop-up asking […]

How to Install A Web Server & Database on Your Laptop with MAMP

MAMP allows you to run PHP, a MySQL database, and WordPress right from your own computer without having to buy a server or hosting. After you install MAMP to your computer you’ll be able to experiment with code locally (ie. meaning that you can “sandbox” your code/database and not break anything live on the Web). MAMP […]