How to Choose a Wireframing Tool

This post is a breakdown of the popular Wireframing tools out there. Omnigraffle vs. Balsamiq Omnigraffle and Balsamiq do about the same thing. They are desktop apps for quickly making wireframes, mockups, page layouts, etc. Here are some of the differences: Omnigraffle Desktop app: $99-$199 Web app: n/a High fidelity: high level of detail, therefore […]

How do I Set Up A Domain: with GoDaddy?

You’ve purchased “the next big thing” domain at! Congrats! Now that you’re ready, there are three things you’ll need to get up and running. First, you may also need to also purchase hosting if you haven’t already. If that’s the case read my recommended hosts and/or How To Setup Hosting. 1. Once you have […]

Where do programming languages come from?

Mother tongues! The evolution of programming languages is as follows. This is a chart I use in my Programming for Non-Programmers class that traces the root of programming languages through the ages. It’s a bit dense, but if you zoom in real close it starts to make sense. Start with “C” the mother of all […]

How to Use Dropbox as a Web Server

The quickest and cheapest way to host HTML/CSS/JavaScript files on the Web is to use Dropbox. Here’s an example of something I’m hosting on Dropbox: Here’s how you can host files on Dropbox: Get a Dropbox Account. Put your working HTML files in your Dropbox shared folder. Right click on the file you want to […]

How to get started with HostGator is a hosting service. They’ll help you get your website live on the Web. Here’s how to sign up and get started: ** Note: I set up a code for my class to use: “pfnp2ga902” =  This will give you 1 month of free Hostgator hosting ** 1. Go to the website. Click “View WebHosting Plans” […]

The Internet vs. The Web

Most people use the terms “The Internet” and “The Web” interchangeably, although in reality they are two separate, but related, things. The Internet is everything. It’s the massive network of wires, and connections sending data around the planet at light speed. And it’s exactly what you are thinking of right now! Yup, you got it. The […]